"A wonderful tranquil house, wrapped in a patina of age, deep in the Tuscan hills. In the spring the fields and paths were awash with flowers and the freshness and purity of the air inspired poetry. A delightful experience of a rapidly disappearing Italy: comfort and simplicity embracing each other in this delightful house in one of the most interesting and historic regions of Europe, if not the world." Michael Woolman

"Tuscany is a region of great charm and serenity, almost a miracle come true. And that is how it has been since the 16th century when travellers began to throng the Tuscan coutryside, fascinated by its unimaginable beauty" Angelika Taschen

Sogna is a private 15th century medieval borgo. There are 12 houses with a tennis court and a pool. Sogna is a unique and a very special place. In the 15th century Sogna war a fort which was destroyed after long battles between Siena and Florence. But that happened centuries ago and now the little village has become totally and originally restored. Original means: no English lawn, yet cultivated, gracious and some kind of mystical. You have great panoramical views from the Val'D Ambra to the old castles of Cennina and Montebenichi, from Val'D Arno to the hills of Pratomagno.

In the country of the Etruscans, in the country of the old Romans, you will find churches, monasteries, hot springs and cultural diversity. And of course not forgetting the towns where the Renaisance was born: Florence, Pienza, where the Renaissance was born. It says: "If Italy is Europe's garden, then Tuscany is the garden of Italy"

For those who wish to take day trips to discover Tuscany’s historical places, Sogna is an ideal starting point. Siena and Arezzo are only 30 minutes by car. Florence can be reached in an hour.
A nice 30-min-walk along our hill takes you to Rapale the next borgo in the chain of the Val d’Ambra. An amber of sunlight seems to have captured history here in the Valley, where the stones of medieval towns such as Badia a Ruoti, Cennina, Montebenichi and Bucine remain unchanged through centuries.